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Ford Family Ancestors

    The following are all of my great-grandparents, and paternal grandparents, Jefferson and Edith Ford. For more complete information, please contact me at

Andrew and Ellinor (Lovell) Ford:
Married in 1646 or 1649. 14 Children
Joseph and Deborah (Waldo) Ford:
Married on 12-6-1683. One Child
Joseph and Elizabeth (Hovey) Ford:
Married on 2-13-1705/6. 10 Children
John and Mary (Pease) Ford:
Married on 8-5-1735. 8 Children
John and Sarah (Wood) Ford:
Married on 11-25-1762. 8 Children
Joseph and Anna (Follett) Ford:
Married in 1790. 6 Children
John Perley and Cynthia (Moore) Ford:
Married in 1810/1811. *9 Children
John Perley and Susannah (Gallman) Ford:
Married on 9-17-1825. 9 Children
Thomas and Martha Ford:
Married on 8-1-1860. 9 Children
John Pearlie and Nancy E. Ford:
Married on 12-24-1885. 8 Children
Jefferson and Edith (Turpin) Ford:
No marriage date. 5 Children

*The ninth child died after birth in 1826, and may not have been Perley's child.

This is the conclusion of my Ford Ancestors. To view my Ford family photos, please click on the 'Next' link below.