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Bodnovich Family Ancestors

    On this page, I have written a brief history on my grandparents, Andrew and Sophia Bodnovich. Also, I have listed dates regarding my great-grandparents. This information came from documents sent to me from Levoca, Slovakia, and Stefan Hanuscin.
    As I continue my research, any new information will be added to this site. Please check back periodically, or inquire via email of any updates on the Bodnovich Family.

Grandparents, Andrew and Sophia Bodnovich
    Andrew was born on December 13, 1887, Porac, Slovakia, to Tomas and Catharina (Duboss) Bodnovic. He had two sisters and three brothers:
Catherine - b: 4/7/1894
Thomas - b: 12/26/1884

(10-22-99) The Porac Parish records lists another daughter of Tomas and Catharina Bodnovic, Anna Bodnovic. Anna was married to Jan Bodnar.

    Andrew imigrated to the United States in the early 1900's, and became a U.S. Citizen on May 2, 1939. He settled in Fayette County, Allison, Pennyslvania.
    Sophia (Sirilla) Bodnovich was born on March 3, 1890, Porac, Slovakia, to George and Mary (Vrabel) Sirilla. Sophia had two sisters, and two brothers. Sophia came to the United States on November 29, 1910.
    Andrew Bodnovich's first marriage was to Mary Kornick. They had three children: Anthony, Helen, and another daughter-name removed. Mary Kornick died in November, 1918. After her death, Andrew married my grandmother, Sophia Sirilla, on June 9, 1919. They had six children: Steven, Michael, Elizabeth, Catherine, George, and John. Andrew died on August 29, 1956. Sophia died on October 1, 1979. They lived in Pennyslvania until their deaths.
 John Bodnovich, brother of Grandfather Andrew was married twice. His first wife, Sophia Shirilla, was from Porac. John and Sophia had one daughter, Maria. After Sophia's death, John came to the United States to live, but his daughter stayed behind. Maria died sometime before 1967. John's second wife's maiden name was Macala, first name unknown. Sophia Shirilla Bodnovics was the daughter of Stefan Shirilla and Maria Kaffan, and sister of Helena Shirilla Stanislaw.
Great Grandparents, Tomas and Catharina Bodnovic
    Tomas Bodnovics was born on December 9, 1858, Koterbachy, Slovakia, the youngest child of Josef and Catharina (Voytilla) Bodnovic. He was baptized on December 12, 1858.
Tomas had five brothers:
Michal - born in 1846
Josef - born in 1848
Johan - born in 1852
Andreas - born in 1854
Stefan - born in 1856

    Catharina (Duboss) Bodnovic was born on November 16, 1862, Porac, Slovakia, to Jozef and Helena (Pocsatko) Duboss. Catharina had three sisters and one brother. Tomas and Catharina were married on June 26, 1881. Catharina died on June 5, 1945.
    Jozef and Helena Duboss's other children:
Maria - born in 1858
Anna - born in 1865
Jan (son) - born in 1867
Helena - born in 1869

Great Great-Grandparents, Josef and Catharina Bodnovic
    Josef Bodnovic was born in 1820, Koterbachy, Slovakia, to Michal Bodnovic and Maria (Geletka) Bodnovic. His wife, Catharina Voytilla, was born in 1827, Porac, Czechoslovakia. They were married on November 17, 1845. Josef died on September 18, 1884.
    Michal and Maria Bodnovic's other children:
Michal - christened on 10/19/1822
Maria - christened on 5/13/1824
Jan - christened on 2/11/1826, in Porac, born in Rudnany
Pavol - christened on 1/23/1828, in Porac. Died on 9/11/1829, in Rudnany
Stefan - christened on 1/3/1830
Anna - christened on 3/21/1832, in Porac, born in Rudnany
Michal - christened on 2/23/1834, in Porac, born in Rudnany
Matej - christened on 3/16/1835, in Porac, born in Rudnany. Died on 1/27/1836 in Rudnany.
Ondrej - christened on 11/14/1836, in Porac, born in Rudnany
Juraj - christened on 4/4/1838, in Porac, born in Rudnany
Peter - christened on 8/16/1841, in Porac, born in Rudnany

    Children of Michal Bodnovic and his wife, Catharina Hanuscin (born in 1829):
Maria - born in 1853
Mathyas - born in 1855
Georg - born in 1857
Johan - born in 1859
Catharina - born in 1863
Peter - born in 1865

    Stefan Bodnovic and his wife, Anna Wrabel, (born in 1836), had one daughter, Catharina, who was born in 1867.

Great Great Great-Grandparents, Michal and Maria Bodnovic
    Michal Bodnovic was christened on November 25, 1796, in Porac, Slovakia. He was born in Rudnany, Spis, Slovakia. Maria Geletka Bodnovic was born in 1799 in Zavadka, Spis, Slovakia. They were married on November 7, 1819 in Porac, Slovakia. Maria was the daughter of Jan Geletka.

Great Great Great Great-Grandparents, Jan and Helena Bodnovic
    Jan Bodnovic was born in 1770. He died on April 7, 1810 in Porac, Spis, Slovakia. Helena Fabian Bodnovic was born in 1773. They were married on February 3, 1790, in Porac, Slovakia.

    Their Children:
Anna - christened on 1/6/1791 in Porac, born in Rudnany
Alzbeta - christened on 9/20/1794 in Porac, born in Rudnany
Michal - christened on 11/25/1796
Jozef - christened on 12/17/1798 in Porac, born in Porac. Died on 12/18/1798 in Rudnany.
Katarina - christened on 1/1/1800 in Porac, born in Rudnany. Died on 8/31/1802 in Rudnany.
Jan - christened on 12/5/1801 in Porac, born in Rudnany
Jan - christened on 1/20/1804 in Porac, born in Rudnany. Died on 5/13/1809 in Rudnany.
Jozef - christened on 5/18/1806 in Porac, born in Rudnany. Died on 3/5/1826 in Rudnany.

Bodnovics Relatives
    In this section, I have listed other Bodnovic relatives not previously mentioned. Grandfather Andrew's brothers-in-law and sister-in-law:
Joseph Liska - married to Mary Bodnovich
John Kornick - married to Catherine Bodnovich
Suzanna Steiner - married to George Bodnovich

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