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    This site is about my Families; the Fords, Bodnovichs, Sirillas and Turpins. The first pages are dedicated to my Ford Family History. If you wish to skip the Ford pages, please scroll down to the other family links on this page.

    My earliest Ford ancestor, Andrew Ford, was born approximately 1620 or 1632. Andrew came to America from Weymouth, England, and settled in Weymouth, Massachusetts. He sailed with the Hull Company on March 20, 1635. There were 106 persons making up 21 families, but three people were not indentified. No records exist of any Ford who could have been related to Andrew Ford. Andrew died on March 4, 1692 in Hingham, Massachusetts.

On the Ford pages, I will summarize the following:

Ford Family Page 1

Ford Family Page 2

Ford Photos

Bodnovich Page

Bodnovich Page 2

Bodnovich Photos

Bodnovich Photo Album 2

Sirilla Ancestors

Porac Photos

Turpin Family

Bodnovich Photo Page 3

People and Places of Slovakia

Holiday01 Photos

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