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Ford Family Page


    This page contains a few statements about my first great-grandparents, Andrew and Ellinor Ford. Also, there is a brief history of another great-grandparent, Dr. John Perley Ford, whom I am descended from.

    I wish to acknowledge Robert W. Ford for the time he put in researching the Ford Family. He self-published his book, Dr. John Perley Ford (1794-1869), His Life and Times, Ancestors, Descendants and Allied Families, 1635-1994. It was from his book I obtained my information.

Andrew and Ellinor (Lovell) Ford
    Sometime between 1646 to 1649 (inaccurate record), Andrew married Ellinor Lovell. They had fourteen children. Ellinor was born about 1629 in England. She died on July 20, 1683. After Andrew's death on March 4, 1692, his will was probated on March 23, 1692 or 1693, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dr. John Perley Ford
    John Perley Ford was probably born in Ulster County, New York, and usually went by his middle name Perley. John was the son of Joseph and Anna Follett Ford. John married twice and raised two families; the first family in the North, the second in the South.

    Perley's first wife was his neighbor, Cynthia Moore. She was 22 years old, and Perley was 17 years old. His second marriage was to Susannah Gallman in 1825. They were married in Mississippi.

    In the early 1800's, Perley obtained a bible. The first entry recorded the death of Joseph, Perley's first born Southern child. The last entry was in 1874 in Indiana by John Gallman Ford, or his second wife. Over this 40-year period, Perley's Northern family was not included in his bible. Perley deserted his first family before the summer of 1825, and hid this family from his Southern family for 40 years. Eventually, the Northern Perley children met Perley's second wife Susannah, a few of the Southern children, and four of Perley and Susannah's grandchildren in Indiana.