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My Sirilla Ancestors

   Grandmother Sophia (Sirilla) Bodnovich was born on March 3, 1890, Porac, Slovakia, to Georg and Maria (Vrabely) Schirilla. She was one of five children.

   The Sirilla Family's last name was written as Schirilla (German) in the Porac Parish Register, and Census Records. The Slovakian spelling of their name is Sirilla. Some of Grandmother Sophia's family members changed the spelling to Shirilla after imigrating to the United States.

Great Grandparents, Georg and Maria Schirilla
   Georg Schirilla was born on April 14, 1856, Porac, Slovakia, to Joanes (Jan) Schirilla, and Catharina Sztupak. Georg and Maria were married on June 2, 1881, in Porac. Maria Vrabely Schirilla was the daughter of Andreas Vrabely.
Their five children:

Great Great-Grandparents, Joanes and Catharina Schirilla
   Joanes Schirilla was born on March 20, 1816, Porac, Slovakia, to Mathias and Maria (Lukats)Schirilla. His wife, Catharina Sztupak, was born in 1831.
Their three children:
Georg, born 1856
Michal, born 1859
Andrej, born 1864

   Great-Great Grandfather Joanes Schirilla had one known brother, Michal. The two brothers and their families lived together in house No.41A, according to the 1869 census.
   Michal Schirilla was born in 1820. His wife Anna Sztupak, was born in 1823. It is not known if Anna Sztupak was related to Joanes's wife, Catharina Sztupak. Michal and Anna Schirilla had one son, Michal, born in 1853.

Great Great-Great-Grandparents, Mathias and Maria Schirilla
   Mathias(Matej) and Maria were married on October 22, 1804, in Porac. Mathias was 24 years old; Maria Lukats was 20 years old.
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