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Ford Family Photos

    For this page, I've chosen a few of my favorite photos. I have only placed a few, and might add another page later on. I hope you enjoy them, too! :)

My Dad, Clarence Ford

This photo of my dad was taken in Vietnam. While looking through photo albums, it did not take me long to choose this one. It represents his life; my dad was a soldier and retired after over 20 years in the Army. My daddy -- that is what I called him, passed away in 1984.

My dad was the oldest child of Jefferson and Edith Ford. He had three brothers and one sister: Charles, J.D., James, and Wanda.

My parents, Clarence and Elizabeth, were married in 1950, and had five children. My siblings are Ray, Bob, Brenda, and Ron.

Grandpa and Grandma Ford
These are my paternal grandparents, Jefferson and Edith Ford. My grandfather died in the early 1960's, so I don't remember him. My grandmother later remarried George Robinson. My Step-Grandfather George is the only grandfather I ever knew while growing up.

My Siblings

I tend to be sentimental about my old black and white photos. This snapshot was taken in June, 1961.
Pictured from left to right are: Me, Brother Ron, Brother Ray, Sister Brenda, and Brother Bob.