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    Welcome to my Bodnovich Family Photo Page! My second Bodnovich Photo page is completed, so please take a look.

A Wedding
This photo was taken on the day of my Uncle Mike's wedding, in July, 1948. Featured from left to right: Grandfather Andrew, Aunt Helen, My Mother Elizabeth, standing on the far right, and Aunt (name removed).
My Aunt Helen, now deceased, was the oldest Bodnovich daughter. She and my Aunt (removed) were the daughters of Grandfather Andrew's first marriage to Mary Kornick. My grandmother Sophia raised them from the time they were still toddlers.

Grandma Bodnovich and My Son Michael
This has always been one of my favorite photos, since I had very few of my Grandma. She came to stay with my family for a short time in early 1977.
Grandma's eyesight was not very good. Michael would take her hand, and walk her around the house. It was cute to watch!

An Anniversary
This photo was taken in July, 1998, at my Aunt Kay and Uncle Lou's house. That day we were celebrating my Uncle Mike's wedding anniversary.
Pictured from left to right are: Uncle Lou, Aunt Kay, Brother Bob, Cousin Mark, Cousin Nancy, Nancy's boyfriend - standing behind her, Son Michael, Me, and Cousin Victor.
Cousins Victor, Mark, and Nancy are my Aunt Kay and Uncle Lou's children.