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Bodnovich Family Page

Greetings! Welcome to my Bodnovich Family!

    Over 1 1/2 years ago, I started researching my maternal grandfather, Andrew Bodnovich (Bodnovics), of Porac, Slovakia. At that time, I thought I would find little information. However, with much determination, I did find more facts about my great-grandfather, Tomas Bodnovics, and great great-grandfather, Josef Bodnovics.
    My research began at the Slovakia website, At this site there are many articles, photographs, surname postings, Slovakia links, and the history of Porac, Slovakia. Also, there is information on Rudnany, formerly Koterbachy, where my great-grandfathers were born.

    My cousin, Victor Yuliano, provided me with his database of all known Bodnovich family members. Included in his personal files was the name of our great-grandfather, Tomas Bodnovics. There were not any known facts about Tomas, or other Bodnovics ancestors.
    A distant cousin from Slovakia, Stefan Hanuscin, has been very helpful and supportive of my research. Stefan's great-grandmother, Maria Duboss, and my great-grandmother, Catherina Duboss, were sisters. Stefan's ancestral home is Porac.
    Another distant cousin, John Jagersky, a Bodnovic descendant, has been of help to me. John and I spent much time researching the Bodnovic's, and we were able to link our families together. John is an excellent researcher, and will research microfilm records for a small fee. However, since we exchanged information, John helped from the kindness of his heart. Thanks John! John can be contacted at

    The village of Porac is located about 2 miles east of Koterbachy in Eastern Slovakia. The Rusyn dialect was spoken in Porac, but not in Koterbachy. The Spis dialect was the influence of that region.
    My grandfather Andrew's family was Greek Catholic, according to the Parish records of the 1869 census. His birthname is spelled Andreas Bodnovics.