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Bodnovich Photo Page 3

   Welcome to another page of my Bodnovich family! These photos were provided to me by Cousin Stefan in Slovakia, and my mother, Elizabeth.

Katarina Bodnovics Gravesite
Katarina Duboss(ova) Bodnovics was born in Porac, Slovakia, on November 16, 1862. She was the daughter of Josef and Helena Duboss. Katarina died on June 5, 1945. Her gravesite is in Rudnany, Slovakia.

Allison, Pennsylvania
This photo was taken outside the family home in Allison in 1939.
In front, left to right: Uncle John, 4 years old; Uncle George, 6 years old. Standing in back, left to right: Aunt Kay, 9 years old; Elizabeth, 13 years old.

Allison, Pennsylvania, 1953
This photo is of my grandparents, Andrew and Sophia Bodnovich, and my mother, Elizabeth. My mom was carrying my oldest brother, Ray.